May 22nd/23rd/24th/25th - May 27th 2024

Washington Dulles Airport Marriott

45020 Aviation Dr., Dulles, VA 20166

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US CHESS GRAND PRIX POINTS: 200 (ENHANCED) US Chess Junior Grand Prix -  A VCF Cup Event!

Location/HR: Washington Dulles Airport Marriott, 45020 Aviation Dr., Dulles, VA 20166. Frequent shuttle service from IAD to Hotel). Airport connected by Metro station to Union Station/DC and DCA Airport.


Open, U2300 & U2100 (USCF/FIDE Rated): Open (FIDE; 6-day only) $4000-$2800-$1600-$1100-$800-$500-$300-$200; U2400: $400-$200-$100. U2300 (FIDE; 5-/4-day) $1600-$900-$500-$300-$200-$100; U2200: $300-$200-$100 (Unr limit $200). U2100 (FIDE; 5-/4-day) $1300-$800-$500-$300-$200; U1900: $300-$200-$100 (Unr limit $200). U1800 (4-/3-day) $900-$600-$400-$200; U1600: $200-$100 (Unr limit $150). U1500 (4-/3-day) $600-$400-$300-$200; U1300: $200-$100 (Unr limit $100). U1200 (4-/3-day) $500-$300-$200-$100; U1000: $100 (Unr limit $100). U900/Unr (4-/3-day) $400-$200-100. LIMITED Conditions for Titled Players: Conditions such as Appearance fees and Hotel room accommodations are offered to GMs/IMs/WGMs/WIMs (Foreign and Host/USA Federations - SEE BELOW FOR DETAILS OR Contact Organizer for further information) to commit by Apr 21st - NO CONDITIONS (Appearance Fees & Accommodations) ARE OFFERED after Apr 21st. Min Rating in Open/U2300 Sections: Min Rating USCF/FIDE 2000 except Foreign FIDE, else pay $300 more (USCF/FIDE 1900-1999); USCF/FIDE Under 1900 not allowed to play EXCEPT Foreign FIDE Rated. Min Rating in U2300 Section is USCF/FIDE 1800 else pay $200 more. No Min Rating in U2100. Peak Ratings used are over a period of 6 months prior to May 2024. NOTE: May 2024 FIDE Ratings used in OPEN section for Pairings and Prizes. Other Sections will use May 2024 US Chess Ratings for Pairings & Prizes. Organizer reserves the right to a different rating system/conversion for any specific players as appropriate.

Conditions for Foreign title holders (GM/IM/WGM/WIM) & limited US GMs in OPEN Section: Appearance fee (NOT Minimum Prize) & Limited Shared Accommodation (5-nights) for GM/IM/WGM/WIM titled players who register by 4/21 and play all 9 games with no byes or withdrawing from event. Private/Additional Room nights requested will reduce the Appearance fees. GTD APPEARANCE FEES: 2600+ FIDE Foreign GMs $500; 2450+ FIDE Foreign GMs $400; 2300+ FIDE Foreign GMs/IMs/WGMs/WIMs & First 4 US GMs $300; Under 2300 FIDE Foreign GMs/IMs/WGMs/WIMs $200; Appearance fees are GTD regardless of Prize winnings BUT Prize deductions are in place ($120 deducted for GMs/Foreign IMs/Foreign WGMs; $80 deducted from US IMs/US WGMs/Foreign FIDE). Limited double shared accommodation for 5-nights provided ONLY to the first 12 titled players receiving Appearance fees who register/commit through Online Registration form by Apr 21st 2024. NO CONDITIONS WILL BE OFFERED AFTER APR 21st.

Entry Fees:

Open (FIDE): $240 by 4/21, $265 by 5/12, $290 by 5/21, $325 later and onsite. GMs/Foreign IMs/WGMs Free ($50 refundable deposit EF), $120 deducted from prize. US IMs/WGMs/Foreign FIDE Players $100 less, $80 deducted from prize. U2300/U2100 (FIDE): $225 by 4/21, $250 by 5/12, $275 by 5/21, $310 later and onsite. U1800/U1500/U1200: $175 by 4/21, $195 by 5/12, $215 by 5/21, $240 later and onsite. U900: $100 by 4/21, $120 by 5/12, $140 by 5/21, $165 later and onsite. Re-entry $80 in U1800/U1500/U1200/U900, no re-entry in Open/U2300/U2100. Onsite Entry closes 1-hr before Round 1 else enter with 1/2 point byes. Refunds/Withdrawls will incur a 10% service charge until May 19th, 50% until May 22nd. NO REFUNDS AFTER MAY 22nd.

Schedule & Time controls:

Open 6-day ONLY G/90;+30 (Regn ends Wed 6pm; Rounds Wed/Thu 7pm; Fri/Sat/Sun 11am - 5pm; Mon 10am). U2300/U2100 5-day G/90;+30: (Regn ends Thu 6pm; Rounds Thu 7pm; Fri/Sat/Sun 11am - 5pm; Mon 10am - 3:30pm). U2300/U2100 4-day Rounds 1-2 G/60;d5, Rounds 3-9 G/90;+30: (Regn ends Fri 10am; Rounds Fri 11am - 2pm (Rd3 5pm merges with 5-day); Sat/Sun 11am - 5pm; Mon 10am - 3:30pm). U1800-U900 4-day Rds 1-7 G/90;+30: (Regn ends Fri 4pm; Rd1 Fri 5pm; Sat/Sun 11am - 5pm; Mon 10am - 3:30pm). U1800-U900 3-day Rds 1-2 G/60;d5, Rounds 3-7 G/90;+30: (Regn ends Sat 10am; Rounds Sat 11am - 2pm (Rd3 5pm merges with 4-day); Sun 11am - 5pm; Mon 10am - 3:30pm).


All rounds allowed. Limit 3 in all Sections, must commit 1 hour before rd. 3, norm not possible in Open if taking bye.

Email Info: cbc2024@capitalareachess.com. Ent: Entry Online or Mail to "Capital Area Chess Inc, 5116 Bebe Ct., Centreville, VA 20120".

Blitz Side event:

Sat Night Blitz Rated May 25th 9:15pm (Open USCF/FIDE Rated & Amateur/U1800 USCF Rated). Open FIDE/USCF Rated - 9-SS: G/3;+2; 9-SS. $$850 GTD $300-200-125-75 Top U2200/U2000 $75 each.  Amateur/U1800 Only USCF Rated 9-SS G/3;+2 ($300 b/20): $120-80-40 Top U1400/U1200 $30 each. Max 2 byes allowed at entry. EF: Open $25 by May 21st online; $25 later online/onsite until May 25th 830pm.